Sunnyvale Seafood

Sunnyvale Seafood started as a seafood Market in 1983 servicing Sunnyvale and other East Bay locations. In 2012 Sunnyvale Seafoods was purchased by the Goulian Aquatic Group, a vertically integrated producer of both shrimp and tilapia products. Since that time Sunnyvale Seafoods has grown to become a strong International import and distribution company servicing customers nationwide.

Sunnyvale Seafoods has developed high quality sustainably produced seafood products to service retailers, foodservice distributors and importers. In conjunction with our parent Goulian Aquatics Group; Sunnyvale Seafood provides FOUR STAR BAP

certified Tilapia and Shrimp from our vertically integrated China operations and other facilities worldwide.

Sunnyvale Seafood works closely with our supply partners worldwide to source quality shrimp and other fish products from around the world. We supply shrimp from our partners in India, Indonesia, Ecuador, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Mexico. Whole fish and fillets from Taiwan, Vietnam, China, South America and India; Squid, cuttlefish and octopus from China, Vietnam, Philippines and India.

We are a Global Company ready to service all your seafood requirements.